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Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Racing Outfit: Running Gear for Runners

Excuse me for a bit as I reach for my more feminine side.

Are you on the hunt for the latest, greatest, lightest and fastest running gear for your upcoming race? Well, here's a short list of the items I'll be using at my next road race!

The big race is tomorrow. My legs are ready to rock. My shins are feeling better than they have in weeks and mentally I feel focused on reaching my A Goal. If I really have to, I'll settle for my B Goal, but no less!

So now it's time for the fun, fluffy stuff that comes along with racing. Being someone who takes great pride in his body (the microchip), I also take pride in what I put in and on my body. And so I present to you the outfit I've selected for the Downtown 5km (race preview here) race tomorrow morning.

My Shoe Pick:

Saucony Fastwitch 4

These puppies are nearly featherlight and since using them last fall, I've loved every step I've taken in them. I use them for track workouts as well, but they certainly do shine on the road when weight is a concern.

The new model, the Fastwitch 5, is sexier and from what I can tell, the same. 

My Sock Pick:

CEP Compression Sport Sock

I've raved about these socks for months now and I've yet to actually run a race with them on, so tomorrow will be an interesting day for sure.

They've yet to cause me to blister (on the track, road or trails) and are so lightweight you forget they are there most of the time. If you'd like to hear what I had to say when I first reviewed the socks, stop by my review page:

First Impressions: CEP Compression Sport Socks


I used to have the Nike+ system but I decided to cast that aside and jump onto the Garmin bandwagon. I'll be racing tomorrow with a Garmin Forerunner 410. It has crazy features, like the ability to set up virtual competitors so I know if I'm on pace or falling off, but I think I'll refrain from using that.

I'll be sure to include it's pretty graphs in my race report this weekend, so you can all ogle the mountains of data it captures.


I'm tired of how cold it's been lately and have decided to break out the super high cut, super short racing shorts I picked up last week.  These super sexy New Balance shorts will certainly show enough white pasty leg to blind all my competitors. This is part of my race plan.

Foes, beware of the glare.

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