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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Something decent, like a Quesadilla

or better yet, a black and tan!
The words resonate like none other. "Something decent, like a Quesadilla". To most people, you and I, it's illogical...but not to my coach.  That's right. When Leslie asked him what he wanted for supper at Molly Bloom's he responded with these 5 beautiful words.

Leslie and I were stunned, who seriously thinks Quesadillas are a decent option at most restaurants, let alone an Irish Pub?  I guess if your idea of a decent meal is oodles of cheese, some mysterious ground meat and onions, and two tortilla shells to keep it all together, than have at 'er.  I don't mean to bash Quesadillas, its just that most establishments' versions are so blend and filled with tasteless cheese that I would never consider a Quesadilla a 'safe-bet' at a restaurant. continue on, I did have something rather decent on Saturday. It wasn't edible, but if I could have eaten it, I would have. And it would have tasted amazing. I imagine it would fall somewhere between a smore and chocolate covered, double smoked bacon.

I went to bed on Friday night dreading what Saturday was to bring. I had been out till midnight, had a few beers and the forecast for the next day was 50km/hr winds with up to 25mm of rain in the morning. It did not bode well for our track practice at STA. But it turns out that hard work does taste awesome...and on some days it competes with chocolate covered bacon.

The workout consisted of 10-12 400m repeats at 3000m race pace (with 60second 200m jog between reps), and 4x150m at 800m race pace. The wind made the back straight painful to endure, but the homestretch was a welcomed change as the wind was at our back.  I cranked out 11 reps, felt amazingly strong and realized that track workouts are now feeling like they belong in my weekly training. This is still only my 3rd track session of the season, but already I'm feeling faster, stronger and above all, more confident in my running abilities than I have in a long, long time.

I averaged 79-80 seconds per 400m repeat, and managed to work alongside Leslie Sexton for the last half of the workout.  It felt great to work with such a talented runner, even if she was working at her 5000m pace. ;)

So in the end, I had a rather decent Saturday. I wouldn't consider it 'Quesadilla decent', but decent nonetheless.

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