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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Farewell Winter: Time to sharpen things up!

Twas but a month ago that I bid adieu to February and today I am very happy to announce that I am bidding farewell to March! March felt like it dragged on, the incessant snowfall and 31 days surely didn't help.  Now we're into April and Easter is but a few weeks away. Spring is finally here!

So what exactly went down in March? Well, I finally reviewed an awesome pair of compression socks from CEP. I'm wearing them right now as I try and help my calves recover from a jarring track workout. I showed you what it looks like to run 10km with your butt clenched the whole time...not a pretty sight. I imparted some knowledge on staying injury free (while increasing your mileage killage), how to cure runner's knee, how to motivate yourself to train smarter, faster, farther.

I discussed, along with a few bloggers, why some Canadian runners still track their volume in miles and not kilometers. I unleashed version 3 of my morning core routine and you can expect version 4 in April. The closest thing to a race in March was our Springbank time trial, be sure to read my brief recap.

I told you 10 things you didn't already know about me and I featured two amazing videos you need to watch!

Other than the happenings on this blog, I hit a MAJOR milestone in my running life.  I managed to increase my killage substantially over last month and I did so while remaining completely injury free.  Here's my monthly killage graphed by month since last summer...

Yup, I ran a total of 360km last month, to a few of you that isn't very much, but to me, it's quite an accomplishment. I peaked at 90km one week, and it looks like I'll be maintaining an average of 80km/week from here on in, with some low weeks to accommodate my racing schedule.

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