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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running Log 2011: Week #16

And now, week 16.  Gah, before we know it we'll have gone through 20 weeks of the year. This week was literally, all over the place. I did one workout, a final sharpening workout of 800m repeats prior to my big goal race on Friday.  Our Sunday workout was canceled, but I didn't find out till I had been at the track waiting for 15 minutes.

I took quite a few days off running this week, my shins were getting very very sensitive, and a wise man once said, Take it Eas. So I did. I ran 44km and biked 60km. My shins are feeling a thousand times better now, but needless to say, my butt hurts. I hate the first few rides of the season, I need to just get them behind me.

Though the training was a little sporadic this week it came at a great time. It  left me feeling fresh and ready to rock for the Downtown 5km on Good Friday and I absolutely killed it. Read all about it in my race recap.

This week has me amping the volume back up to 90km, and I'm moving with a bit of caution. I did an easy 11km run yesterday and my shins were ever so slightly sore afterwards. I will likely drop the mileage to about 70-80 this week with a day or two of cross training. I want to put these sore shins behind me already.

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