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Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Impressions: CEP Compression Sport Socks

Many, many months ago I blogged about whether or not I should plunge into the world of compression socks. At the time I was simply exploring the possibilities and it turns out Jamie at MediUSA heard my cries of help and sent me a pair of CEP Compression Sport Socks to try out.  Well, those socks arrived yesterday and now I'm ready to provide you with my first impressions of the socks.

Aren't these pure sexy?

I've been pounding out the miles steadily since the new year and my past three weeks have been over 60km/week, definitely my most consistently high mileage weeks since last October.

Needless to say, the longer runs, raised intensity and cold weather have been slowly turning my calves into useless well chiseled blocks of yes, but functionally useless.

I'd heard of the benefits reaped by compression sport socks and was curious to see how I could benefit from them, and so my very informal tests began...

Let me Set the Mood...

I ran a hard fartlek effort on Saturday (20km), rested on Sunday and Monday, did a tempo effort on Tuesday (18km) and had a 13km recovery run last night that felt like I was carrying lead inserts in my shoes.  By the end of the easy recovery my calves were on fire and I simply couldn't wait to put the socks on.  Anything that can apparently help me heal without any active interaction is right up my alley! I've logged over 140km in the past 2 weeks, let's see if there is any truth to the claims touted by these wonder socks!

My First Impressions

So, what are my first impressions of these magical socks?  Here they are:
  • These socks are damn sexy and feel great once pulled up over your calves....once you managed to pull them over.
  • These socks have tons of compression throughout the length of the sock, you will want to perfect your sock skills to make sure you can pull these over your heel and ankle. It took me a few tries and this video to get it right.
  • They feel great on my legs. The socks are made of very soft but strong material and I've had these on for nearly 24 hours...sagging, itching and pain free.  These socks are well made, and made to stay on your calves without you even realizing.  Impressive!
  • These aren't cheap sadly, and that is literally the only first impression left upon me that leaves a slightly sour taste in my mouth.  
So, the big question on your mind must be, how sexy are your legs in those socks Andre? Well, I'm glad you asked as I have just the picture for you.

me thinks it's time for a tan. :(

Are These Socks Some Kind of Magic?

In a nutshell, YES.
In a bigger nutshell, HECK YES.

I mean, seriously guys and gals, these are definitely affecting my calves in a positive way.  After my easy 13km run last night I tossed them on and slept with them. I have been wearing them all day at work and my calves feel lighter to lift, almost as though there are hands beneath my feet helping to lift my legs up.

Can I explain this? Nope. It isn't like my legs are more supple or the muscles more 'loose', but it feels like I've sped up the recovery process in which toxins/lactate/whatever-else-nastiness within my muscles is being processed at a faster rate.  This is not common for me, especially since my calves were at their worst yet last night.  The compression must be helping to flush the nastiness in my muscles.

Q&A With Andre

In this Q&A I try to anticipate your questions and ask them to myself...hopefully I'm capable of answering them!

Should these replace stretching (dynamic or static, you choose), massage and therapy?
Never.  I view these are a supplement to my regimen of stretching, massaging and therapy. These help flush out toxins and nastiness, but they won't wrap hands around your calves and massage them all day. Does anyone know how I can score that though?

Should these be used to help recover after hard workouts?
Yes, this is when they shine most. I've also heard great things about wearing these while travelling...

Are they so tight that they restrict?
My pair certainly isn't, just make sure you measure your ankle and widest point in your calf so that you buy the right size for your legs.  Unless you go into a physical store, it is your responsibility to do so.

Where can I buy them in Canada?
If you'd like to buy CEP Compression Socks in Canada, buying them online is your best bet. I'll do my best to post a few sources in the coming days, and I'll even throw in a 15% off coupon for you!

Disclaimer: This pair of amazing CEP Sport Socks was sent to me for free from mediUSA.  However, I wouldn't be writing a glowing review for the product if I didn't feel it deserved it.  I've already purchased a second pair that is being shipped to me, and I can guarantee this won't be my last.

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