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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How tight should CEP compression socks be?

I received this question by way of yesterday and thought I should address it. So...

"How tight should CEP compression socks be?"

The answer is pretty simple: Very, very tight.

That's the short and easy answer, but if you're wondering if the hard earned cash you spent on these amazing socks will go to waste, you'll want to make sure before your order is shipped (we aren't all able to try them in store) that you've selected the right size.

There are 3 different sizes of compression socks from CEP, sizes III, IV, and V.  Getting the right size is as easy as simply measuring the widest point of your calf.  When I had my socks sized, the sales rep I dealt with also had me measure my ankle size, but I don't see that as a requirement on the CEP Website.

When you get your CEP socks and decide to put them on, be ready for a bit of a shock. They are ridiculously hard to put on at first, and this is exactly what you want.  I posted a link to a video some time ago showing you how to put your CEP Compression socks on, but I'll actually show the video here for everyone to enjoy. This is how I put mine on and I can do it all rather quickly now.

Now that you've got your socks on, you simply want to make sure your feet don't go numb (and if you measured your calf properly, you won't). As you wear them it should feel like you've got a great big hand wrapped around your calf, helping you recover, heal and reduce swelling and tissue damage.

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