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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Song of the Moment: BT Ft Rob Dickinson - Always

Well, it took nearly a year for me to post a trance song on this blog, I had tried to hold off for so long but there's been a slew of new tracks that I simply can't have enough of. This latest effort from BT (Brian Transeau) is a testament to his skill...the man is unbeatable when it comes to trance productions that go beyond the single layer drivel that is modern trance/techno.

A little background on me and music. I've been a dance music lover since I can remember. Early 90s and C+C Music Factory ushered in the music for me, but it wasn't till my first year at UWO that I discovered trance proper. Even then I didn't realize what I had stumbled upon, and it was in 2004 that I attended my first rave and miraculously spent 12 hours dancing in amazement at everything that surrounded me. Believe me or not, I was 100% sober. We arrived in MTL at 11:30PM and missed the ability to buy alcohol, the bar didn't serve alcohol either and when we asked the bouncers if they knew somewhere we could get some alcohol, they responded with 'no, but we can get you anything else you want. wink.' Sigh....

Anyways, I then went on to run an online radio station that boasted over 200 monthly radio shows and 60 000 monthly listeners. That turned into a dance related website, and eventually trimmed down to simply be a music review site used extensively by the dance music industry. It had connections to over 100 worldwide record labels, including some of the world's biggest and best.

Somewhere in all of that I started DJing as well, mostly for myself, but I did do the club circuit for a few years.

Now I simply listen to music all day while I program, and in the car. I'm not plugged into the music scene anymore and gone are the days in which I could name a track within seconds of hearing it.

I hope this didn't bore you too much, but I guess it's about time I come to terms with the fact I love trance music and it will find it's way to this blog.

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