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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What do you take when you go running?

A new article on the Asics Blog discusses what you should bring on a run in terms of gear.  The article mentions you should bring a cell phone, band-aids, sunscreen, money, anti chafing products, anti-inflammatory drugs, and sometimes toilet paper.

Did I miss an intro to running class years ago because frankly, this list is absolutely ludicrous. Unless you are doing 50 mile ultra runs, most of these items are completely pointless.  I can see the merit in their use (say you get jumped on an early run as the blogger claims they did), but frankly, I'm not going to start carrying shit around with me simply because of the off chance I may need it.  And seriously, band-aids for a scraped knee? You are running, not painting your toe nails. If you fall and scrape yourself, keep running.

So what do I bring? Not much:
  • Shoes
  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • Watch
  • (in)Sanity
And that my friends is it.  There is nothing more liberating than leaving all your worldly possessions behind your front door as you step outside for a run.

If I'm doing a workout with the team, I will bring a water bottle I can use between workout segments, but that is the only time I use water. I'll go 15km and more without the need of water, I make sure I'm damn hydrated all day long, not just during my runs.

Frankly, running with anything more than my clothes and shoes defeats the purpose. Out there, its me and nature. And my clothes. And my shoes. And my watch. But nothing more.


  1. Ipod, keys, water, and my cell phone. Oh, and I e-mail someone to tell them where I am running off to!

  2. Wow Max, you don't run light. I don't even bring my keys with me, yay for keyless entry! Don't you find that carrying that much stuff when running gets in the way? Do you ever do some runs without your essentials, and if so, do you enjoy that more?

  3. Other than the water bottle, I do not see myself running without my essentials, especially not my IPOD (music for motivation) or cell phone (for safety).
    If you are going to run with lots of stuff, a sleek and fitted money belt work well without weighing you down.


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