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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Serious Dose of Reality

Well it seems I've hit a snag in my near perfect training over the past 6 weeks. I started training with the LRDC in July and the strain that has put on my muscles has finally taken it's toll, I can barely run any faster than 5min/km pace at the moment.

The combination of my 10km road race and the hard hill workout this past week has left me tight and sore, a pain I can't recall ever feeling. I guess it serves me right after 7 years of 'rest'.  I thought I was doing amazingly well in practice and that my body was handling the increased load and intensity swimmingly, but much like a long race, the fact that I can stay ahead of my team mates or competitors means diddly squat when I can't maintain the effort over multiple practices.  Essentially, I went too hard too fast and this past week broke me down a bit, so it's time to re-evaluate and remember that not every single practice needs to be fast.  I'm still trying to ease myself into the schedule, something I tend to forget rather easily when everything is going well.

Gotta stay grounded...

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