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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hills Suck

Well, tonight's workout was a total bust.  The workout started out with a 20 minute warmup, then a 10 minute warmup complete with backpack through some ridiculously hilly trails.  Then came strides and discomfort. I thought I had recovered fine from my 10km road race last Sunday but it turns out that as soon as I tried turning the legs over for some speed work, I was tighter than I ever remember. My quads were feeling a twinge and I felt I could still put in a solid hill workout.

The workout that ensued was 4km of hard uphill/downhill work (500m up, 500m down , 0 rest between reps). I wasn't feeling too much pain during the workout but as soon as I got a bit of rest I completely seized up. Our 10 minute jog back to the paved path for some tempo work was beyond excruciating for me as any downward slope caused my quads to instantly seize up due to the relaxed position of my quads when extending my leg.

I wasn't able to do the tempo work, I tried, but just couldn't. I spent 10 minutes stretching and massaging and then tried to walk away some of the pain. I didn't even attempt a proper cool down. It was a heavy day of mileage considering I didn't put in the 3km of tempo and 3km of cool down, and I still clocked in 11km.

Time for tons of solid rest the next few days. Massage, stretching and heat are in order and maybe a slow bike ride to get the legs moving tomorrow. If all goes well, I'll be able to get a short run in on Friday night and maybe, just maybe, make it out to practice on Saturday.

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