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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I ache

Not the typical type of ache that follows runners around. This time, though my knees are a little sore from yesterday's run in my Fastwitch4s, my ambitions ache.

I want to run fast.
I want to run on the track.
I want to PB.

So many wants to fulfill, the only question left to answer is how long it will all take.  I ran my fastest track/road/xc times nearly 10 years ago. I wonder if I will ever return to my old form. I certainly have many things against me (age, weight, health), but I also feel I am much wiser now and able to commit more fully to running and staying injury free. Plus, I've taken a long rest of 7 years, that must help with something. LOL.

I'm still as mentally tough as ever, maybe even more so now, and I am basing a lot of my drive and ambition on this fact alone.

I will run fast.
I will run on the track.
I will PB.

Its that simple. Step 1: Believe you can do it. Let's see where this takes me from here.

sidenote: summer is fading, this shot captures it. taken by me.

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