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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Running Log: Week Sep 13 - Sep 19

I capped off this week with my first XC race in 7 years and I surpassed even my wildest dreams. I ran far faster than I thought I was capable (29:55 for a hilly 7.5km XC), but I still ended up 92nd out of 103 competitors. I'm on the road back though, but it looks like there's a big mountain to climb. Bring it on!

I met with my coach this week and we decided that this season would be a relaxed season during which I would concentrate on staying healthy and injury free while I slowly work my mileage up to 65km per week. Last week saw me clock just over 50km and I had planned to do the same this week. Well, that didn't turn out.  Let's review the week and see where I went wrong.

Monday: 2km warmup, 8km steady at 4:20, 2km cooldown (12km total)
Tuesday: 14.5km easy run along bike path
Wednesday: REST (knee was bothering me slightly after the 27km of road running prior)
Thursday: 10km easy run
Friday: REST
Saturday: 7.5km XC race, 8.5 warmup/cooldown
Sunday: 11km easy run

TOTAL KM: 63.4km

So that's my week and I was nowhere near my planned 50km week, and that's due largely to the easy run on tuesday which I don't normally log. Then come the weekend, I was unable to back out of the race, or the terry fox run. So I logged the miles, tried my best to stay smart and listening to my body and I think I succeeded. I will return to the 50-55km range this week and treat it as an easy week as last week saw me throw a few new things at my body running wise. 

Stay tuned for my play by play account of my XC race from Saturday. Till then!

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