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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Running Log: Week Aug 30-Sep 5

Well, it's hard to believe that yet another week has come and gone. Last Sunday I ran my first 10km Road Race in years and this Sunday I took Melanie on her first ever mountain bike trek around Fanshawe lake.

This was a tough week physically as I was still recovering from the road race and my first hour of yoga on Sunday.  The wednesday hill workout (4km of hard hill running) tore my quads to shreds and I've been struggling with any type of speed work, or movement for that matter, ever since. I ended up logging more easy mileage this week with only one real hard workout.

My knee seems to have recovered very well, I managed to run 25km on it without any taping, on soft and hard ground. And that includes the hard hill workout.  My heel seems to be on the mend too, so hopefully my ryan hall-esque stride adjustments of recent times are actually helping me.

I hope to crank out the same mileage this week, I'm not looking to increase every week, I fear I'll simply find the upper limit and fall into injury. I want to keep a good solid base, between 40 and 60km per week, for the next few weeks until I can attest that all systems are check.

Here's a breakdown of this week:

Monday: 60min physio @ Fanshawe and 30min of stretching
Tuesday: 10km easy run, just trying to get the legs moving after the road race/yoga sunday.
Wednesday: 11km total, 5km warm up, 4km hard hill (500m up - hard first 2/3, 500m down - hard first 2/3) x 4, 2km warmup and seized quads.
Thursday: easy 7.5km run, trying to do some recovery mileage
Saturday: 16km easy instead of my xc workout with the team.
Sunday: Day off, 20km Fanshawe bike ride

Add to that 2 weight lifting workouts, plenty of physio exercises, stretching, smr and massage.

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