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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Running Log: Week Sep 6 - Sep 12

Well, another week in the books and considering how rough the previous week was, this week was pure bliss.  I managed to crank out 51km this week, and I could have easily gone for another 10-15km today but decided to stick to my current goal of 180km per month (and at this pace, I'm looking to break 200km this month!)

So I had some great easy runs, found my speed again, did some hill work and loved the weather this week. If only the weather were always between 15 and 25 celsius. To dream...

Monday: Easy 11km
Tuesday: Easy 10km
Wednesday: 15.5 km total (hill workout + 2x8min tempo @ 4:10 pace)
Thursday: REST
Friday: 15km Bike ride
Saturday: 14.5 km total (12min tempo @ 4:10, 4x3min hard (1min rest))
Sunday: 23km Bike Ride

This week I get to iron out my goals for the next months and maybe race my first XC race in 7 years! There is a 7.5km XC race in Guelph and some of my teammates are going!

As an added bonus, here is my Google calendar screenshot of the current month. It includes my running, cross training, physio and other athletic stuff I've done.  Gotta keep it all balanced!

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