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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Running Log: Week Sep 20 - Sep 26

Well, after last week's 65km running week I decided to listen to my body and see how I reacted to the increase in mileage. In short, my body reacted adversely.

I've blogged about my knee problems in the past and they flared up again last week (as my last blog post discusses). Well, the increase in pavement pounding last week and my involvement in the Terry Fox run took its toll and I was feeling it this week.  Instead of trying to run through the pain, which we all know does absolutely no good in the long run, I listened to my knees.

I spent time stretching my legs, icing my knees, massaging my legs and got back to my physio routing. Why did I ever stop my physio routine in the first place? Sigh. So this week I toned down the running mileage and jacked up the bike mileage, which I discovered, can be just as painful on sore knees as pavement pounding.


MON: Day Off (12km Bike Ride)
TUE: Easy 11km
WED: 17km @ Weldon:
--4km warmup
--10min tempo, 5min rest
--8min tempo, 4min rest
--6min tempo, 3min rest
--4min tempo, 2min rest
--2min tempo
--3km cooldown
SAT: 14km @ Weldon
--5km warmup
--2 x 10min tempo (4:00/km) w/ 2min rest
--3.5km cooldown
SUN: DAY OFF (Hard 23km Bike Ride)

TOTALS: 41km (RUN), 35km (BIKE)

Not running today took all the self restraint I have. I spent the morning watching the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon in Toronto (where Reid and Eric ran amazing races and the winner set an all comer record for canadian marathons!). Then it was the 5th ave mile till 1PM, and I got to see some of my fave men race in the elite men race, including a northern Ontario boy, Taylor Milne. I used to race against the guy way back in high school, though I was always too far behind. Here's the results from a 5km him and I ran back in 1999!

So I start this week with fresh legs, and knees that feel immensely better than last week.  They are still a little tender, but there is no burning/throbbing pain at the moment.  Onto another week of running!

Here's my monthly overview to date:

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