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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tools of the Trade: The Stick

I figured I should spend some time describing the tools I use to stay healthy, fit and fast....there are so many that I thought some of my readers (I do have some, right???) could benefit from their daily use.  Let's kick things off today with THE STICK.

That's The Stick. It's a tool used to massage muscles, to perform self myofascial release of the kind you normally get from deep tissue massage.  This tool has been around for years, it is by no means new and is a prized possession for any self loving runner.

You can use this tool on any muscle on your body, but I tend to focus on my tight calves (soleus and gastrocnemius) and my quads.  If I've got someone else in the room, I'll ask them to massacre my hams, but mostly, like 75% of the time, my calves get the royal treatment. It's even great for relaxation, especially if you've got a partner.  Hop on the couch and roll away as you both sit/lie/cuddle while watching tv.  The stick makes hard massages a breeze, especially for those with weak fingers.

I purchased mine, the full sized stick, at Runner's Choice (London) for $50 and I think the travel sized one, which I will be adding to my collection, runs for $30. A great stocking stuffer for that runner in your life!

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