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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tools of the Trade: Acuball Mini

As a runner, I often have pain in many areas, and most of those areas are sometimes hard to get at due to their small size or precise location. Yeah, that's right. I said that. Where is your mind wandering to?

This little blue ball (yet again, sigh) is a product of Canada (from what I can tell) and is actually recognized as a medical device in our great white country. It's apparently used by many professional athletes and as we were browsing the apparel at the Running Room last night, I discovered this little gem tucked away in the back area of the store.  I was immediately intrigued by it, considering my recent return to running and the mild foot pain I sometimes get in my left foot. So I purchased it and now I'm reaping the benefits.

I've only spent one night and a morning with this ball but already I am feeling immense benefits.  Here are some of my reactions after 3 sessions with this ball:
  • It works wonders on my feet for two reasons. Firstly, it promotes blood flow in the tissue in my feet (ie: plantar fascia) and increases my ability to heal.  Secondly, it massages the ball, arch and heel of my feet into a mushy heaven.
  • It's great at straightening out my back when I sit at my desk. I simply wedge it between my lower back and chair and voila!
  • It works wonders on a friend's shoulders and neck. And once again, it promotes healthy blood food and improves the body's healing abilities.
I haven't spent too much time with it but already I can sense a new level of healing, especially for my feet.  I batter these bad boys with my miles of running, it's about time I do something for them.

If you're looking to learn more on the Acuball and Acuball Mini, head over to Healthy Runner, where they have the best prices on Acuball products!


  1. Very cool! My personal trainer had me roll my feet on a rigid orange plastic ball for that purpose. I am going to check out Acuball.

  2. That definitely sounds cheaper than the acuball, and would serve the same purpose. However, the nubs on the acuball are great at stimulating blood flow, something a smooth hockey ball can't accomplish.


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