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Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Compress, or not To Compress?

That my friends, is the question.  I've read so much about compression running socks over the past few months and other than the ridiculously steep price they charge, find no reason not to start using them on my hard workouts, and even while I sit at my desk for 8 hours the days following hard workouts.

Steve Magness discusses the merits of these socks on his blog, Science Of Running, and he writes quite possibly the most in depth post I've found on the topic. He covers the theory behind it and supplants it with some first hand accounts.  He concludes they are a useful tool to minimize calf/achilles/plantar fascia pain and inflammation.

I also came across Shannon Rowbury's blog, the 2 time winner of the NYC 5th Ave mile.  She also seems to use them and finds them most useful when travelling, but again, take her word with a grain of salt, she's sponsored by nike and will likely have a slightly partisan view on their products.

So it looks like I will begin my hunt for some Zensah or Sigvaris compression socks that I can wear on my long runs and during the day at the office after hard workouts.  Does anyone have suggestions?


  1. have you heard of CEP compression socks? We are one of the best on the market. Contact me if your interested in trying them.

  2. Actually SIGVARIS has a new sock on the market. You can see it at I have tried both the Athletic Recovery Sock and the Performance Sock by SIGVARIS, and both socks are awesome! You should get a pair of each the Performance Sock to wear while running and the Athletic Recovery to wear at the office. It comes in black.


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