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Monday, March 7, 2011

Running Log 2011: Week #9

Week #9. WOW, just WOW.

I can't believe we're already done week 9 of the year, and today kicks off the 10th.  I can't help but think of what I've accomplished in 'life' so far this year, and I think I'm pretty satisfied. Running is going well, our finances are going well, our big trip to Italy is nearly fully planned and I cannot wait for spring to arrive so I can cast this nasty snow behind me till next December.

As for the last week of running, it was a 'win some, lose some' kind of week. I kicked off the week with a tempo effort on Tuesday that destroyed my already tender adductor (at the time I thought it was my hip flexor) and so I returned to physio one week early to have the pain assessed.

Since then I've been told I can't run any intense mileage for the time being, and that I can continue to run easy.  I've been wanting to creak over 70km/week for some time and I thought this may be my chance to work on my volume without having to worry about intensity...while keeping this pain in check.

Well, I came close, and I'm fully satisfied with the mileage this week. I don't want to do anymore damage to my adductor than I already have, so I was cautious (especially after my Tuesday workout) and my legs are feeling much better already.

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