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Monday, March 21, 2011

Running Log 2011: Week #11

Week in, week out...just the ebb and flow of a runner's life. This week saw me maintain nearly the same volume as last week (shy by 8km) but my intensity went through the roof! On Tuesday I did an epic 40min Lactate Threshold run which I ran at 3:56/km pace (just shy of the same pace I ran at my last 10km road race) and it was the first time I'd ever taken on the high end, senior level load at one of our practices.  That workout left me so stiff the following 3 days that I wasn't able to run any faster than 5:20/km pace on my recovery runs and I was forced to stretch, heat, roll my hamstrings and calves for hours.

I can now say I've recovered and am ready for another fun week of running, capped off with a time trial this weekend.  Hopefully I can get my stomach to cooperate this time and I can get a proper gauge on my fitness.

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