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Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Impressions: New Balance 940

Well, I've now added a new pair of shoes to my shoe rotation (I now have 3 pairs to choose from) and I thought I'd give you my first impressions after having them around for a few weeks.

I currently own last year's model, the 850s, and I must say that although I thoroughly loved last year's version, and they have provided me with 600km of pain free running, this year's iteration is heads above.

I started running in this shoe because my forefoot is wider than normal, but not wide enough to warrant a wide shoe. This shoe has a slightly wider toe box than most other shoes, so it was just the fit for me.  However, I felt that the shoe, wasn't very snug or form fitting....and they've fixed that in this year's version, the 940.

The tops of the shoes are very lightweight and provide just enough stability without being too constricting. I'm looking forward to using these in late May, I wonder how the heat will affect my feet and if these shoes will respond appropriately.

I have noticed one thing that is less than desirable. On the upper, directly above the big toe is a piece of stiff material that is causing my toes some pain. After long runs and heavy weeks of running the top of my nail feels slightly bruised.  This is pronounced on my left foot, the very foot that is wider and longer than my right foot. My shoes are still fitted properly, but a word of caution as you break these in.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the shoe. It fits much better than the 850 from last year and the upper is breathable yet still supportive.  I would definitely recommend this shoe.

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