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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tight Calves While Running: What Can I Do?

Jay Cutler Calves
Gah! Figures, as soon as I up my mileage and sort out my adductor issue I'm stuck now with a super tight right calf. This isn't an entirely new pain, and frankly, it just feels like things are really tight, I wouldn't say it's compartment syndrome or 'calf heart attack', but then again, I just don't know much about my calves. Everyday I run I learn something new, and this week it's all about my calves.

So the question remains, what can I do about my tight calves? In short, I don't really know.  I've been stretching lots, massaging with The Stick and a Foam Roller, getting massages and just trying to get it to calm down. I think I need to look further up my leg and assess how tight my hamstrings and gluteus muscles are, I think they are causing the pain in my gastrocnemius, so hopefully I can stretch things out after work and I can get some easy killage in tonight. Especially since its currently mostly sunny and +11C!


  1. I know all about tight calves, calf knots, etc... Do you have any compression socks or sleeves? Try those while elevating and icing. Also, try these stretches:

    If all else fails, go in for a lower leg deep tissue massage. It will hurt like hell but they'll loosen them up for you. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Morgan! I do have CEP Compression socks, though I don't wear them religiously, maybe I should.

    I've been stretching out my soleus, gastrocnemius and massaging them with 'The Stick' and rolling them out on PVC pipe. It's helping a bit, definitely hurts, but I've noticed the greatest improvement when I stretch out my hamstrings.

    So tonight, in lieu of a run, I'll be working on my hamstrings with heat, stretching, massaging and rolling. Fun times ahead!

    Thank you so much for your input and advice.


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