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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Year Marches On!

Last month I recapped my January of running, and though it was a 'decent' month of running, I was still far from my mileage goal for early 2011. For February, my coach and I decided we should re-evaluate my goals and set a goal of logging 60km/week for the month of February.  I'm proud to say that I nailed the goal, logging 245 km in 4 weeks and my legs feel good.

I hadn't realized prior to updating my Monthly Mileage graph that this past month was my second highest mileage month I had done in the last year.  The beauty of this past month is that it didn't feel all too hard, especially when I compare it back to Sept/Oct of last year during which I was getting beat down week after week. I did however suffer from pink eye for a week

I also kicked off the year with a 10km Road Race that didn't go in my favor whatsoever (damn you stomach bug!), but it was still a fun and solid early year effort.  And so March began yesterday and I cranked out a fun tempo effort as I try to shake the last of this pesky bug.  I'm hoping to nail down at least 1, hopefully 2, weeks of 70km / come in at 270km for the month. Wish me luck!

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