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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tick-Tock: Live Like A Clock

silly Cogsworth
I certainly can't take credit forcoining the term 'Live Like A Clock', that's Bruce Denton's brainchild in 'Again to Carthage'.  'Again to Carthage' is John L. Parker JR's sequel to his immensely popular 'Once a Runner' novel that was originally written sometime in the 80s, but caught fire a few years ago within the running community. If you consider yourself a runner, you must absolutely read these books.

I began reading 'Again to Carthage' this morning, and after reading this gem in the second chapter I just had to stop and reflect upon it. When I finished University in 2006 I found I was having a very hard time adjusting to the realities of life. As a student, it's a pretty comfortable 'job', and when I was thrown into the perils of the workforce, I quickly realized it wasn't going to be easy anymore.

The toughest thing I experienced was coming to grips with routine. As a student, you didn't have to plan too far ahead and could decide what you wanted to do today as you woke up (within reason of course). But in the REAL world, you had better get your shit together or you'd be left in the dust.

So I developed a routine. It felt horribly foreign and wrong to me, but I knew I had to conquer the beast. When I learned to accept the fact that part of growing up involves developing a routine, be it daily/weekly/monthly, I suddenly became more effective, more engaged and I was knocking off goals like no other.

All this applies to running as well.I don't recommend setting holy guidelines and forcing yourself to follow them like a nut, but I recommend setting small routines that can eventually allow you to find comfort in the common routine you've built up. Things like breakfast, pre-race warm-up/psych-up, core strengthening, etc.

If you allow yourself to make these routine, you'll find pleasure in them and they'll eventually become second nature to do.  There is immense power in routine, allowing you to focus more time and energy on the unexpected things that come up. And we all know they do!

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