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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a weird start to the new year...

I've had to work through metatarsal pain, a tight IT Band and now, viral conjunctivitis...yup, pink eye.  It seems that this month just won't let me get back to running normally. The good news is that I see an end to all this nonsense:

  • My foot pain is 100% gone!  FINALLY!
  • My IT Band is settling down, even though it requires a few hours of weekly attention.
  • My pink eye is nearly gone. I had the viral strain of pink eye, there are 4 different types, and this one just has to work its way through your body...unlike the nasty looking bacterial pink eye which can be treated quickly with drops.
So now I hope I can log more than 40km/week as I escape the wretched hold of these injuries and sickness. I should be doing 60-80km/week by now and I'm nowhere near that. Ah well, in due time...I have absolutely no rush. :D

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