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Monday, January 31, 2011

What is a 10km Race Like?

I was scouring through some stats on my blog and found that someone found my blog through google by searching for the following question: "What is a 10km Race Like?"
A snapshot of recent visitors who found my blog by searching for running related topics.

So I figured I would cover the topic since someone came around and was likely rather disappointed when they discovered I never once have answered that question on my blog. If you are reading this my anonymous inquirer, know that your voice has not fallen onto deaf ears. Today I present to you what it is like to race 10km by foot!

This is your everest...don't look down. Ever.

Start to 1km Marker

You feel like a million bucks.  The pent up nervous energy you'd been building up is finally released and at this point the only other thing that feels better is a roadside blowjob. This feeling lasts all but 20 seconds and then you start to realize you've committed to 10km of 'racing'. You may start wondering how you'll manage it all, but your body still feels great at this point, so long as you didn't blow your load in the first 400 metres.

1km Marker to 3km Marker

The pain starts to set, but at this point its still mostly mental pain...your legs are just getting warmed up and your arms are happily following suit. You may find yourself panicking to find a running partner, someone who will help string you along as the kilometers pass beneath your feet...and she you find one you instantly feel a bond like no other. Be careful, meeting new people when running is the leading cause of new-friend-isitis in the running community.

3km Marker to 5km Marker

Your legs are burning. You lungs are burning. You wonder how that's possible since you never signed up to race a 10km in a fire infested forest...but somehow keep trudging on regardless of the burning pains you feel through your body. (That burning sensation when you stop to pee at an aid station is not caused by the running, get that shit checked out!)

5km Marker to 9km marker

You start wondering if the course officials have mistakenly measured the course because as far as you are concerned you've already run 3 marathons with a bull on your back. Your running partner you met earlier is likely no longer by your side and you feel deserted even though you may be surrounded by thousands of other runners. You'd rather be at a private Celine Dion concert drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon while hipsters talk your ear off about their single speed, brake-less courier bikes that hand in their living room.

9km Marker to Finish

Holy Hell! You've made it this far and can't believe you only have 1 kilometer left in the race. Enjoy this last km, it is your last before you collapse at the finish line. That beer you've been wanting since the 3rd kilometer began is now within your reach, you've earned every right to drink it and the subsequent 6. Those late night Tequila shots you haven't earned though...

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