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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Goals are For Me.....2011 Here I Come!

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I'm sitting here at my computer and don't feel like being all poetic and shit, I'm in a slightly sour mood but since its now January 1st, it's high time I get my goals for 2011 ironed out. I met with my coach last week and we set some soft goals that I must absolutely hit in 2011, but I think it's time for me to lay a little more on the line and see if I can successfully deliver.

Stay Healthy & Injury Free

This is without a doubt the most important goal I can set out for the year. If I fail to remain healthy and injury free in 2011, I can kiss nearly all of my other running goals goodbye. I will keep this as my #1 priority and ensure that as I increase the intensity and volume throughout the year, I will remain healthy.  I will forgo the extra 3 km at the end of a long run if I feel my body can't handle. I'll tone down my speed if I have to. I WILL REMAIN INJURY FREE!

Break 17:00 for 5km on the Road

Officially, I've only ever done this once, but the shape I was in during my 2001 season of XC would have definitely yielded sub 17:00 times over 5km. My current PB is 18:02 this past Halloween and I want to crush that PB come fall in 2011.  Heck, I may even set an all time Personal Best, my best over this distance is 16:48....and that may have been on a short course.

Return to the Track over 800m/1500m

I haven't run on a track since 2000 and I'm a little scared at the pain, discomfort, embarrassment and vomit that will certainly await my less than triumphant return. Regardless, I'm looking forward to it. The track is where I was my happiest prior to coming to Western and it is where I shone the most and I still feel I can excel.  This goal will directly affect my STAY HEALTHY mantra for the I have to keep my excitement in check as I pound out intense track work over the spring months.

Log 3000km for the Year

Yup...I'm looking to log 3000km this year and this should be a breeze if I manage to STAY HEALTHY in 2011. :D

Compete in my first Half Marathon

Melanie will be the first to compete in a half marathon as she is doing the McFarland Rowlands Half in London on May 1st.  I'll be spectating her race and I'm 'coaching' her as she prepares for the race.  I'll likely crank out my first half marathon effort in the fall as a sustained effort.

Attend regular physio/massage

The title really says it all. I want to have 2 hours of massage per month performed on me. Time to find a RMT.  Also, I want to get my gait analyzed by CBI Health (a new LRDC partner) so that I can finally sort out what is going on with my fucking left leg.

Attend 2 Or More LRDC Weekly Practices

I know my time is precious, but coach wants us to put in as many practices as we can each week with the team. If we can't run, we at least need to show up and stand around if that is all we can do. I did 2 practices per week last season and I feel I can continue to do so in 2011.

Volunteer In the Running Community

Volunteer at races held by LRDC. Easy. Right?

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