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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Running Log 2011 Week #1

Last year I got in the habit of summing up my running weeks in simple blog posts and there's no good reason for me not to continue suit with this habit in 2011.  Without further ado I present to you my first running week log of the new year!

Monday: Easy 9km
Tuesday: Easy 6.5km
Wednesday: Square
Thursday: Easy 10km
Friday: Square
Saturday: 17km total (6km warmup, 6x400m hill repeats, Step-down tempo run, 4km cool down)
Sunday: Square

Total: 43km

Weekly Recap: This was the new year's first week of running and what a painful week it was.  I've been battling foot pain for a few weeks now and this week was likely the worst week yet and definitely not how I had planned on kicking the year off. This week was simply me trying to log as much as possible without causing my toes anymore pain than they already have.

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