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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mid Year Goal Review

As I stated in my 'Overcoming Adversity' post in February, healthy goals are the key to a rewarding career and so today I'd like to review the goals I set for myself late last year for 2011.  When setting goals, you need checkpoints to assess if you are on target, off target and what can be done to re-align yourself with them.  Let's get to it!

Stay Healthy & Injury Free

Rating: GREEN
Update: So I haven't been injury free but I've been doing an amazing job at staying on top of aches, pains and backing off when I know I need to. I've been stretching, strengthening, recovering and making use of massage and physio therapists to ensure I stay on track. All in all, I'm batting as close as possible to perfect on this one.

Break 17:00 for 5km on the Road

Rating: GREEN
Update: Well, I'd say I'm darn close to knocking this one out of the park, and the magic went down 4 months into the year. My 17:10 clocking in late April has me knocking on the door and it's only a matter of time before I dip below 17:00 again. Muahahahahaha!

Return to the Track over 800m/1500m

Rating: YELLOW
Update: Well, the track season is still young but since I had to bow out of my first opportunity in early May I'll give myself a YELLOW rating on this one. I'm not worried though as I'll be racing this weekend and nothing seems to be in my way. I also missed a slew of amazing races as I was in Italy, but I've still got 3-4 other chances within the next 6 weeks.

Log 3000km for the Year

Update: I'm not quite 6 months into the year and I'm already close to 1500km done, I'm right on target for this completely frivolous goal.

Compete in my first Half Marathon

Rating: YELLOW
Update: I had completely forgotten about this goal to be honest and seeing as Melanie had to postpone her debut, I'll likely postpone mine too?

Attend regular physio/massage

Status: GREEN
Update: I have spent many hours at physio this year and recently have not had the need as I continue to do evolving core exercises on my own and with my club. As for massaging, I enjoyed the benefits early in the year but stopped as soon as I added a second weekday workout on Thursdays. I should get back into that groove while I can afford it.

Attend 2 Or More LRDC Weekly Practices

Status: GREEN
Update: I'm consistently knocking back 2 workouts a week minimum and some times three. No complaints here.

Volunteer In the Running Community

Status: GREEN
Update: This is tough to balance but I'm doing all that I can which means volunteering once a month.


  1. Congrats! I am always inspired and motivated with your approach and balance, while continuing to improve.

  2. Thanks Max! And I admire your ability to travel/'s something I'm working on myself.


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