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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Announcing the Winner of my 1500m Guessing Game Giveaway!

Well, it's been a week since my 1500m at TD Waterhouse Stadium and now that the dust has settled it's time to announce the winner of my prize giveaway. There were many great guesses and the general response from everyone was fun and encouraging. Sorry Brent, I tried to nail 3:26 but fell a little short. Maybe next time?

So the person who guessed closest to my finishing time was in fact Amberley, but sadly, she didn't win. In my instructions I had asked those guessing to share a link to my blog on their facebook/twitter profiles, and it seems Amberley forgot to do so.  Sorry Amberley. :(

The next closest guess was from Wes (though he fervently states that he was THE closest if you use Price is Right rules, and according to him, I should, but I'm not.)  He also won't be winning the prize as he didn't share a link to my blog. Sorry Wes!

The next closest guess was from Robbie, but like the two before him, he didn't share a link. I'm starting to see a pattern here!

Luckily, Matt guessed 4:27 and actually posted a link to my blog on his facebook wall, and for this simple action he is the OFFICIAL WINNER of my Acuball Mini prize giveaway.  Congratulations Matt, I'll be getting in touch with you to give you your prize and a firm hand shake!

Again, thanks to everyone that guessed/voted, but I would advise that everyone read the contest rules next time before jumping the gun.

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