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Friday, June 17, 2011

Predict My Race Time, Win a Prize!

So in the spirit of getting me psyched up for my big 'debut' race tomorrow evening, and getting you involved if you can't make it out, I'm offering a super duper awesome prize to the person that meets the following criteria:

How to Win this Giveaway
  • Comment on this post, or on facebook, with your guess. Remember this is for a 1500m track race (3.75 laps around a 400m track)
  • Be the closest to the actual time I end up running.
  • Share a link to my blog on your facebook wall, twitter account, running blog, etc... (and I will be verifying this!) You must have shared a link to my blog in order for me to present you with the prize.
Giveaway Prize

1 Brand New Acuball Mini!

Valued at $40 (including shipping), this amazing little tool has been my weapon of choice when I need to thwart pain plantar fasciitis, soft tissue damage in my heel (from all the incessant kills) or to help gently realign my posture when I sit at my desk at home.

It's also a great dog chew toy apparently, but I wouldn't recommend letting your dog have it.

This Acuball is courtesy of myself, Dr Cohen and the forthcoming online running store

Useful Information when placing your guess...

  • My lifetime personal best in the 1500m is 4:06.8, run way back in 2000.
  • I haven't raced a 1500m in 11 years.
  • My most recent personal best over 5km is 17:10....that equates to 3:26 per km.
  • My finishing time will be somewhere between 4 and 5 minutes.
And that's all I have to say. The giveaway is open now and runs until I start the race, which will be sometime around 7:30 on Saturday night.


  1. I'm thinking 4 minutes and 24 seconds...I really want that Acuball Mini!


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