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Monday, June 6, 2011

Running Log 2011: Week #22

Gah, it seems I repeat this every week and doing a weekly recap truly makes this sink in: Where does time go?

I'm so busy that it almost feels like time is seeping away, accelerating as I age, disappearing ever quicker and quicker.

I need to figure out how to fight that, or just give into it and trust that I'm spending my time doing the right things. Anyways, this week was my first full week of running since returning from Italy and I logged a solid 84km on the road and on the track. I'm staying away from hills as much as possible, but the Achilles is still feeling good and not hurting me while I run.

After my long run on Saturday my Achilles started to tighten up, not i had no discomfort, so I figured it was just my calves pulling things too tightly. I've been stretching massaging and took yesterday off, and I will continue to approach my running with caution this week, I need to continue to look towards the future, not just the run I had planned today.

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