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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Version 5 of my Core Strengthening Routine for Runners

It's 2012 folks. It's January. It's prime New Year's resolution season and if you included running in your goals for the year, you might want to include some general strengthening as well. This is my 5th version of this routine and I've removed one exercise and added another. As always, I update the routine whenever I get injured, and well it's that time of the year again isn't it. I hope you enjoy using the routine and let me know if anything isn't clear.

  • 3 x (15 ball squats. Stand feet apart about 8-10", clench pillow or ball between knees. Squeeze while squatting.) vastis medialis/adductor activated
  • 2 x (40 single leg hikes. Laying on stomach, prop hips up with foam roller, bring foot close to butt, raise foot to the sky while concentrating on activating the gluteus maximus. Repeat for both legs) gluteus maximus activated
  • 2 x (40 single leg lifts. Place back against wall, bend lower leg at 90 degrees and place foot firmly against wall. Point toes of top leg towards ceiling and raise leg along the wall.) gluteus medius activated
  • 2 x (15 static lunges, alternate forward leg) nearly all leg muscles, emphasis on adductors, quads, hamstrings 
  • 2 x (60 second planks for: chest up, chest down, left arm down, right arm down) abs, obliques, adductors, hamstrings
  • 3 x (15 declined situps, with 4lb medicine ball on chest) upper/mid abs activated
  • 3 x (15 declined leg raises) lower abs activated
  • 3 x (15 straight leg deadlifts, 50lb barbell) posterior chain activated (back, hamstrings, glutes)
  • 3 x (20 pushups, push up bars) chest/biceps/triceps activated
  • 2 x (10 ups, 10 downs. Come up on one foot, shift weight to other leg, drop down on that leg, shift weight to other leg, come up. You are essentially drawing a square with your body by shifting your weight from leg to leg in the up and down motion of the calf raises. Alternate for both legs) soleus activated 
  • 3 x (30 toe pulls. Sitting on a smooth floor, place a towel in front of you on the ground, and simply pull the towel towards you by using your toes. Alternate for both feet). General activation of key foot muscles
  • 2 x (10 hip rotators. Standing on all fours, take the right leg, swing your leg back and knee out and bring the leg forward and bring your knee back beneath your hip. This swing/rotate action should be done forward and backwards for each leg.)

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