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Monday, January 16, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know...

That's right. My first running update with a song title! Am I finally cool in the blogosphere? I've always found it really weird to title a blog post with the name of a song, especially when your readers simply can't make the connection. Can someone explain?

Regardless, since my last update, my running has been going better with each day. My MCL is slowly settling down, and other than a tightness when I wake up, I'm feeling great throughout the day and my runs. My volume is slowly returning, and I returned back to proper workouts this past Thursday with an indoor track workout of 150s and 200s.

I leave you today with a music video that has had quite an impact on me lately, I can't stop watching it. Enjoy!

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  1. I like to title (most) blog posts after song lyrics for the creative challenge it presents. I started doing this regularly after hearing Jack White describe how he'll do things such as put his mic/pedal on the other side of the stage to force him to be active during a performance, as well as how he'd use 'imperfect' guitars because he enjoyed the raw struggle/battle of trying to make them 'work', coupled with the unique sound it created.
    I include the song I'm referencing because I'm not trying to be some hipster snob, I'm just sharing things I enjoy with others - running and music - and hope they'll do the same in return.


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