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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My 2012 Running Goals

Gotta run before we die!!
Well, 2012 has kicked off and before we know it I'll be writing down my 2013 running goals. Why is it that time just seems to stream by faster and faster as you age?

So last year saw me put in some solid kills week after week, and I finished the year with an average of 68.6km/week and nearly 3600km for the entire year. I'm rather satisfied with these numbers, especially since my first 6 months of last year were a little rocky as I adjusted to the volume and intensity. I predict that should not be as pronounced this year, but as I write this I am currently sidelined with a mild MCL sprain. Seems like January is the month for injuries.

I also posted some great results on the track (well, one great result) and some fine efforts on the road. In order of awesomeness:
  1. My Epic return to the 1500m on the track, with a blazing 4:21!
  2. My 10km lifetime PB of 34:54 late last fall.
  3. My 5km road win in Sudbury, covering a rolling 5km in 16:48!
Last year's work has set me up very well for this year, even though I can't shake the feeling that my current MCL sprain is setting me back some. In order of importance to me, here are my goals for the year:
  1. Stay Healthy and Injury Free!
    1. Core/General Strengthening 3x weekly
    2. Stretch/Roll/Massage 3x weekly
  2. Run an average of 75-80km/week, for a yearly total of 4000km
    1. High Weeks of 110km
    2. Low Weeks of 75km
  3. Race as much as I can physically handle, and fit into my schedule
    1. 1-2 times per month after April
  4. Dip below the following times:
    1. 1500m:   C - 4:20,    B - 4:15,    A - 4:10
    2. 5000m:   C - 16:48B - 16:30A - 16:00
    3. 10000m: C - 34:54B - 34:30A - 34:00
  5. Find my ideal racing weight, more on this later!
And there you have it folks. I'll be chasing these goals throughout the year and my blog posts will certainly build up around these goals and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop. I hope you've also got 

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