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Monday, August 15, 2011

Running Log 2011: Week #32

After two very solid weeks of killage, mostly easy and long runs, I have been sidelined for the last two days due to a little toe that won't stop bitching at me whenever I place a shoe around it. I don't know what it is lately, I've now dealt with 3 blisters on my toes in the last 3 weeks and this last one has been especially painful, forcing me to skip out on my long run this past week. 

In the grand scheme of things though, all is well. I logged 160km in 2 weeks, and hit 73km this past week. I'm still progressing well through this stupid injury, though it's getting awfully lonely running alone all the time. Hopefully I can return to running with the club this week.

I also did 2 solo workouts this week, a 20min tempo (5km) and 7x300m hill repeats (@3:40/km). It was great to get back to working hard on the legs. Now to sort out this pesky toe pain.

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