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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Running Log 2011: Week #27 - #31

Wow, again, I've fallen way behind in my running log. So here's like, 5 weeks worth in one post.

Week #27

  • 72km run, one day off
  • Two solid workouts, legs were done come Sunday
  • Swapped out a 15km long run for a 45km bike ride along the Thames
  • Last 1500m race of the year, a slightly disappointing 4:32
Week #28
  • 52km run, 2 days off
  • Last track workout of the season, 8x400m repeats at 3km pace
  • Final road race of the track training season, a 17:30 effort in downtown London
  • Weekend off
Week #29
  • Off week as mandated by Coach.
  • Recovering from Corneal Ulcer
Week #30
  • 56km run, 1 day off
  • All easy runs, eye is still useless, getting back into the groove
  • Long run of 15km
Week #31

  • 87km run, no days off
  • All easy runs again, with a slight progression effort on Thursday (13km)
  • Long run of 18km

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