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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The End of a Season, the Start of a New One...

July was a scorcher of a month and with record low rainfall it was dry while being the muggiest I can remember feeling in years.  July saw me wrap up the first training block of 2011, a block of training that had minor setbacks but still proved to be very successful.

In July I hit the track for my last race and dove into two 5km races on the of which saw me take the win and run the perfect race, while the second race yielded a subpar result, but tons of fun! I guess I can't always be shooting 100%, so I'll take the minor downs with the ups as they come.

July was light on killage as I was tapering for a few races and has 1 week completely off. Still just a hair over 220km, so nothing to balk at.

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