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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Farewell to April, I'm glad to see Thee go...

And so it is time to recap the month that was. The coldest, wettest and generally most despicable weather I can ever remember having for the month of April was upon us, and I'm damn glad to see it go. Bring it on May, I'm still waiting for my first topless run of the year!

April was a great month of running for me. It saw me hit the track consistently for weekend workouts, I hit my heaviest volume of running (96 kills), I also hit my lowest volume at 44 kills (with 60km of biking), I set a new personal best over 5km on the road (race report here) and I've generally gotten fitter, stronger and faster. I fought with tight calves, showed you what it's like to run through my eyes, and showed you my super awesome racing outfit.

As is customary with my monthly recaps, here's an updated killage chart. I had a slight dip this month, but as we're now gearing up for a hot and heavy season of racing, I think it's expected.

And so May is upon us and I'm excited to see what it brings me. I'll be racing as much as possible, which isn't very much since I'll be in Italy for half the month, but I think I can live with that. wink.

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