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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My first Metric Mile in ages...

my 1500m idol, Canadian Kevin Sullivan
Well, last year when I had planned out my physical goals for the coming years, the big one that hung over my head was my competitive return to the track after 10+ years away from it all. I had slated the big date for some time before August of 2011, and it seems that now, on May 8th 2011 I will be putting the goal to test, and rest.

Yup, I'll be racing in my first 1500m on the track since putting it all behind me in high school. I ran regionals that summer and won handily in 4:06.80, but don't expect to see those times anytime soon.  I'm eeking close to my aerobic abilities in the 5km, but I've yet to sharpen up enough to crank out anything under 5km at near my lifetime PBs.

Last Saturday's workout was a stark reminder of just how cruel 1500m can be, and I am definitely nervous, scared and excited to put my body through the paces this weekend. It will certainly be painful from about 200m to 1200m. But I know that the 1500m is simply a test of how much pain a runner can withstand, and I am (in my humble opinion) one of the best at handling pain. 

All I can say, is BRING IT ON! I'll be sure to report the results following my race, and hopefully I've have some epic stories to tell and some epic pictures to show.

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