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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Running Log 2011: Week #7

Week #7 already, wow! Only 45 more weeks to the year.  We're still deep in a winter freeze in London, although last week saw us lose most of our snow and hit +10C on Thu/Fri...before plummeting back to -10C the next day.

The miles went by very smoothly this week and the lack of snow in the latter half made the effort easier on my hip flexors and IT band. However, I'm starting to feel some pain in my feet and it has me slightly worried.  I'm getting some nagging pain in my big toe on my right foot and the outside of my left foot feels tender and almost as though it is bruised.  I'll be seeing my Physio tomorrow (Kate Reid @ CBI Health - THE BEST PHYSIO!) and hopefully we can see what is going on.

Otherwise, it was a pretty solid week of running. The 62km I ran didn't drain me very much at all and I had lots left in the tank on Sunday, even after a solid 6x1km effort on Saturday. This week will be another week of 60km, maybe a tad less as I taper off slightly for my first race effort of the year at the Really Chilly Road Race this Sunday February 27th. Wish me luck!

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