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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Reminisce, You Read

It all went down over 10 years ago in Sudbury. I had my last individual track race of my high school career, and oddly enough, it is still the last individual race I have run on an outdoor track. ( That should all change this summer, mwahahahaha ) I followed up this race with a 400m relay in which I ran with a yellow rain jacket and if I recall properly, ran it backwards to boot.  Oh, what a rebel I was. Actually, I'm surprised they didn't disqualify us.

Anyways...the race in question was my final 1500m race of my high school career. I don't recall much of the race but it was and still is my proudest moment on the track. I managed to set a personal best of 4:06.8 in the process and did it from the front, and unchallenged for the entire race.

 From then on I had the chance of improving on my 13th place finish at OFSAA from the previous year, but I decided not to attend OFSAA because I was far too selfless to stand up for myself and told my then girlfriend that I'd skip out and attend our Prom Night instead. I had always wanted to break 4:00 for the 1500m distance and I can't help but think that I would have been able to do it at OFSAA.  There aren't many things I regret, but missing out on OFSAA 2001 tops my list. 

I guess I will never find out...except now I am positioning myself so that I can at least try again. And try I will!


  1. Awesome! What made you think of this? Today?

  2. I'm writing up a talk I am presenting this weekend and I was recounting my past running prowess (ha!) and this came to mind. I thought it would make a neat blog post.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it!


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