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Monday, October 18, 2010

Running Log: Week October 11-17 2010

I can't get over how quickly these weeks are whizzing by. It's been a week since Thanksgiving and already we're merely days away from my birthday. Whoa, where has October gone to?  This week was to be a low week in mileage for me, a welcome change after a 65km week the prior week. 50km was the number this week, but I blew the doors off that in my Saturday workout. D'oh.

Monday: Rest (raced the day before), did 30 minutes of stretching
Tuesday: 13.2km Steady run at 4:30/km
Wednesday: 10km Easy Run
Thursday: Day Off
Friday: 12km Easy Run
Saturday: Meadowlily Workout
 - 4km warmup
 - 4 x 100m strides
 - Meadowlily hill work: 3,2,1,3,2,1
 - 1.5km easy
 - 6x (2min hard, 1min easy)
 - 4x 100m strides
 - 4km cooldown
Sunday: Rest with 30minutes of stretching

Total Mileage: 57km

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