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Monday, October 11, 2010

Running Log: Oct 4 - Oct 10

This week was scheduled to be a HIGH week for me as my mileage was set to increase to 65km. I felt up to the challenge come last monday and even though I had a super busy week in all areas of my life, I stepped up to the plate and delivered. Here are the details:

MONDAY: Stretching for 30mins
TUESDAY: 13km easy run
WEDNESDAY: 15km total
-3.4km warmup (15mintues)
-12 diagonal strides (1km)
-4x 1km Pond loop (4:00, 4:00, 4:08, 4:03) Consecutive
-5min rest
-4x430 small pond loop (6:15 total over 1.75 km)
-4.5km cool down
Friday: Easy 11km
Saturday: Easy 10.5km
Sunday: 15.2km Total
-3km warmup
-8.3km Turkey Trot (Sudbury) Time: 35:47
-3.2km cool down

TOTAL MILEAGE: 65km (nikeplus is missing a few as I forgot to start the darn watch a few times...)

This week is an LOW week for me, I get to run 50km and then jump right back into a 65km week the next. I'm impressed with how well my legs are recovering and reacting to all the mileage I'm logging. I'm also getting much stronger and faster, yay!

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