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Saturday, July 23, 2011

It sure has been quiet in here lately...

If you've come around at all during the past week or two you'll have noticed an almost ear piercing silence.  After I ran the Summer Night 5km, which I recap below, I spent the next few days living it up. I was a social butterfly, enjoying the warm weather and looking forward to a week free of running.

It wasn't before long that I realized I would be enjoying a week free of nearly everything as I was admitted to urgent care at St Joseph's Health Care on Monday Morning. 6 hours later and far too many eye drops and bright lights, it was announced to the world that I had a corneal ulcer. It had developed in just over 12 hours and the speed at which it did this worried the staff doctors that day. I was put on a strict regimen of 'carpeting bombing' my right eye and a darkened room for as long as it would take for me to get better in bright lights.

I've now visited the specialist 4 times and every time news gets a bit more promising. It turned out they were able to culture a bacteria from the scrapings they got off my cornea, it was pseudomonas, so the carpet bombing turned into more of a heat seeking missile launch instead. They also noticed what seemed to be fungus growing on the inside of my cornea, so I've got drops to fight off those nasties too.

Essentially, I've done absolutely nothing over the past 6 days and it has slowly driven me crazy. Luckily I had a complete down week scheduled for running, and frankly, the weather was so hot I don't think I would have run regardless. We hit 49C on Thursday! I've been away from work now for a week, hoping to return on Monday, and I also hope to resume my running on Monday night with my trusty seeing bike rider Melanie!

So that's why it's been rather quiet lately, I've been locked in isolation, forced to sleep all day in a dark room. But things are looking better, brighter.


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