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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Running Log: Week August 9-15 2010

This week was the hardest week I've done yet.  4 runs for a total of 38km and a grueling 38C fartlek in the mix made for a tough and tiring week.

Tuesday: 5km easy warm up, (3min 70%...1min easy) x 8, 3km cooldown
Thursday: Easy 6km run
Saturday: Easy 8km run
Sunday: Easy long run of 10km

Some knee pain this week. I met with a doctor and was told I have PFS and have a referral for physio and knee braces if I need them. I hope I don't need them. I also began doing some stretches and exercises to alleviate some of the knee pain, by the end of the week there was definitely a change for the better.

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