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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running Log: Week Aug 23-29 2010

Well, what a week this has been! I kicked off the XC training season with 2 workouts (both at Weldon Park in Arva) and I logged 50km over 4 runs/workouts! My legs felt great all week, with no knee pain (woot!), heel pain (until this afternoon, boo!) and my calves seem to be settling down a bit. Time to find me a massage therapist to take care of me.

Monday: Day Off (biked 22km)
Tuesday: Day Off (biked 18km)
Wednesday: 4km warmup, 12min tempo, 5x200m HARD hill, HARD 1km loop (3:30!), 3km cooldown
Thursday: 10km easy run
Friday: Day Off
Saturday: 4km warmup, 8min british bulldog, 14min tempo, 4x(2min hard, 1min easy) fartlek, 3km cooldown
Sunday: 2km warmup, 10km road race (43:27), 2km cool down

August is almost done and over with and I'm already way past my mileage goal for the month. It's been a great month of running, and general well being.  I will continue to keep myself healthy!

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