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Monday, April 11, 2011

Learn What To Do With Tight Calves When Running!

A few weeks ago I posted about my tight calves and I was wondering what I could do in order to relieve the pain. Most sane people would simply prescribe little or no running, but we all know runners aren't sane...especially Me.

So I went out in search of answers to my quandary: How do I fix, or cure, tight calves in runners?

And so I found the answers, and I applied them, and today I'd love to tell you how effective they were!


This is the easiest and most affordable option you have to help loosen up your calf muscles.If you can't find 10 minutes a day to squeeze in some stretching, you have some serious goal alignment to do.  I can stretch while I'm at work, while I watch a video on my laptop or while I wait in line at the grocery store. Stretching has been proven to be both useful and useless, but personally, I find it greatly helps.  Stretching warm muscles is best as the effort you spend stretching will have a longer last effect.

Tip: To increase the effectiveness of stretching, warm up the muscle first with an easy walk/jog or use a heating pad.


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When stretching just won't cut it, get a foam roller and roll out your fascia. The fascia is a tissue that surrounds your muscles, and when your muscles get overworked the fascia tightens up, causing you that typical muscle tightness and soreness. Rolling your muscles on a foam roller (are you hardcore? Use a drainage pipe like I do) will release the fascia and take care of many aches and pains.

Tip: Want a proper massage? Head over to Priority Health & Massage in Wortley and ask for Dave Cousins.  Tell him Andre sent you, he'll take care of you!


I wasn't a believer till a few months ago when I put on my first pair of CEP Compression socks.  Since then I won't do a track workout without my trust socks, and the days that follow my track workout are finally bearable thanks to the wonderful technology that is Compression Sports Wear.

To my knowledge, compression socks and sleeves are truly the only options when it comes to providing your calves with continues compression.  If you'd like to learn more about CEP Compression socks, read my review on this great product. And if you're interested in purchasing the socks, I found an online retailer that has them for under $50 1 pair!

TIP: Wear your socks during your harder/longer efforts and the day after while you sit at your desk, or spend hours traveling.

Ice & Heat

Ice and heat have long been the staple of those who are trying to return from injury, but the real secret behind these two is the power they  wield when used regularly as part of your regular leg maintenance. Immediately after a hard workout, provide your muscles with cold in order to "reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. Once the skin is no longer in contact with the cold source, the underlying tissues warm up, causing a return of faster blood flow, which helps return the byproducts of cellular breakdown to the lymph system for efficient recycling by the body."(

If you're looking to maximize the effectiveness of the time you spend stretching, consider warming up your muscles with a heating pad, hot water bottle or piping hot bath first.

TIP: Ice your muscles after a hard effort to help reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. Heat your muscles to help maximize the effectiveness of your stretching and massaging.


Once you've gotten your tight calves under control, consider adding some exercises to help strengthen your calves. If you continue to keep them stretched, massaged, and generally healthy, you'll now want to strengthen them to make sure they can continue to handle whatever you throw at them. I wish I had some options available for you to use, but frankly, I'm at this stage in my calf maintenance and will be integrating some exercises into my core routine.

TIP: Stay tuned for some calf exercises to help strengthen them


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  2. your calves look locked up stretch and self masage also weight training for runners calves will mostly bulk up and tighten them


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