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Monday, March 12, 2012

CBC The Nature of Things: The Perfect Runner

This Thursday March 15th, CBC's The Nature of Things will be airing a 1 hour special that will certainly please most runners. The one hour episode will ask the following questions:
  • How did our ancestors survive the shift from trees to land?  
  • How did Homo sapiens evolve to dominate the planet?  
  • How did our ancestors hunt before they developed weapons?
And hopefully, answer them. I've had a chance to view the documentary ahead of time (don't I sound fancy) and it does a very good job at detailing our progression as humans into highly specialized endurance creatures. If you like staying on the tip of running trends, you'll have plenty to eat up in this hour: Ultramarathons, running evolution, barefoot running, minimalist running, gear and much more! Also, there's lots of cool hi-def, slow-mo shots....well worth the visual attention!

So go out for a run, grab your recovery drink and stretch/roll your legs out as you watch this one hour special airing on CBC at 8PM EST this Thursday (March 15th).  To get a behind the scenes look at the movie, head over to this URL:

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