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Friday, October 21, 2011

One Great Big Recap!

Wow, it's been over 1 month since I last updated this blog. I guess I've been too busy to make time to update my adoring fans, friends and family.

The last time we left off I had just run a 5km road race at Springbank Park, I was deep into my highest killage block EVER and I was merrily putting one foot in front of the other. So, what's happened since then? Lots:
  • I ran in an Alumni only cross country race at the Western Invitational/International. This race was less than a week after the Springbank road race, and I was looking forward to stepping on a course I had last run in 2003. Plus, I wouldn't have to do the course twice over like I used to. I ran a solid race, finished in 17:55 at what felt like an effort I could sustain for 10km on that course. I also got to chat with some old running mates, which felt absolutely great. I had always thought I had cast away that part of me, so to come back and run with the same people I ran with when it all fell apart was, well, invigorating.
  • I've been running. Lots. More than ever. Looking at my running log over the past two months, I'm averaging over 100km/wk and peaked last week at 111km. I'm finally noticing a big change in my strength.
  • I ran another cross country race. This time it was against a STACKED field of university runners. I won't spoil the story here, I'd like to do a full and proper write up. You can read my account from the same race last fall,
  • My season is wrapping up quickly. I'm into my last high killage week for the season (100km) and I've got some sort of fitness test nearly every week until Provincials in mid November. I'm also going to be pacing a fellow club mate of mine as she attempts to break the course record at the Halloween Haunting 10km road race. If all goes according to plan, I'll also be setting a PB at that distance. :D

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